About Us

Omax was born in France which is famous for its romance. Each piece is finely designed and went to more than 200 works. With choice of genuine leather it is recommended by thousands.
Integrity, Innovation, Mutuality, and Cooperation is our core of business. We put focus on the best interest of customers. We provide first-class products and quality service. We challenge ourselves and bravely march on innovation when obeying to our traditions, which allows us to develop and break through in a heated competition, acquiring a long-lasting presence. Omax will continue to pursue excellence, to lead the trend, and to forge ahead a global brand.
Omax unites natural elements with the latest trends, sparkling the eye of consumers. Since its foundation, we emphasize on exquisite quality, multi-element in leather, eco-friendly inner cloth and quality metal. The unity of these not only maintains its traditional character but also enables it more of a fashion. Bestselling products are those made of alligator, braid and wave. 
Our products, being untrammeled, quality and fine work, receive favor from people longing for fashion and individuality.